Collective Presencing

Key learnings: 

Out of a 6 year long action research project, we developed two more

Key process elements: 

Related to the U-process we see the Circle of Presence (or team, or group) more

Success looks like: 

The difference between a Circle of Presence and a Circle of Creation – and its different capacities and practices needed – has become mainstream understanding and practice in leadership environments where one is applying the U process and Art of Hosting patterns. Collective Presencing has become a new form of generative leadership.

It becomes an integral part of collective team decision making at all levels of society, in all forms of organizations, initiatives, organisms, communities, and our planetary civilization.  It also becomes imbedded in learning on multiple levels as education transforms.

Learning, leading, community development, and the birthing of new social and economic systems will be in a continual evolutionary presencing process. New projects and partnerships begin to be seeded and form in other locations.

Circle gatherings and new projects have begun to anchor the new collective consciousness – with its practices - in some very key places on the planet. Then gatherings begin to anchor new consciousness in places that are key to the transformation of the planetary civilization, and where powerful, energetic portals are opening on the Earth.

What we are researching – and Ria Baeck is writing, giving articulation to, and bringing forward - will help to ground in human consciousness very new and often ambiguous and subtle concepts.  Her words and associated depth of experience sparks humans to absorb and understand, to embody, and to experience collective presencing and collective creation - as these refined and subtle frequencies in consciousness ground new patterns in us.

Collectively presencing (collectively go from being present to re-generate life) is how we work, live, and collectively inquire so that the visions of next steps and new initiatives emerge and very easily and naturally begin to take form in a generative way.

Help needed: 

Visibility for the language and practice of Collective Presencing (Circles of Presence, Circles of Co-creation)

Assistance with publishing and editing for Ria’s research and book

Potential partnering relationships – be these Learning Institutions (existing or new ones like the, foundations, or new initiatives seeking new ways of leading and making decisions – the latter offering new levels and types of prototypes for collective presencing.

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Ria Baeck

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Ria Baeck
Submitted by Ria Baeck
Belgium and US, , MA - US
Moderated by Ria Baeck
Project leader: 
Ria Baeck (Belgium) and Judy Wallace (Fort Collins, US)
Network of Women Moving the Edge + School for Collective Leadership
Big idea: 

Becoming more conscious of our subtle and inner knowing in connection with our mental and emotional intelligences + linking this integrated, wholeness of knowing with connecting collectively with source and all subtle dimensions then a new human capacity, collectively presencing, becomes possible.