99% plus: Imagine Economy + Society 4.0

Key learnings: 

What have we learned about how to do that to date?...read more

Key process elements: 

What enabling infrastructures do we need to move from ego- to ecosystem awareness on a collective...read more

Success looks like: 

(1) Reduce planetary footprint of our global economy from 1.5 (current) to 1.0

(2) reduce the number of people living below the poverty line from 2.5 billion to zero.

(3) increase the level of awareness and wellbeing for all.

Help needed: 

What, as a global movement, are we going to do?

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Ten Point Action Plan On Financial Sector

Otto Scharmer
Submitted by Otto Scharmer
Citizen Empowerment
1000 across the planet--and growing!, 85 countries
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Project leader: 
an emerging global movement without single leadership
Big idea: 

What does it take to transform our current institutional structures from egosystem - to ecosystem awareness in which stakeholders can co-sense, prototype and co-shape the system at the scale of the whole?