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Imagination Becomes an Organ of Perception
Henri Bortoft interviewed by Claus Otto Scharmer, London, England, July 14th, 1999

Henri Bortoft is the author of The Wholeness of Nature (1996), the definitive monograph on Goethe's scientific method. Bortoft did his postgraduate research on the problem of wholeness in quantum physics with physicist David Bohm. When I met him in London, we began our conversation by talking about his views on quantum physics.

A. Summary with Links
B. Interview

  1. Two Interpretations Of Quantum Physics
  2. Searching For A Living Perception of Wholeness
  3. Exact Sensorial Imagination
  4. Imagination Becomes An Organ Of Perception
  5. Inversion Of Container And Content
  6. Archetypes And Self-difference
  7. All Is Self-Manifestation
  8. Archetypes are Dynamic Forms
  9. Reflection: Two Types Of Wholeness
  10. Bio
C. Complete Interview (Acrobat PDF Download)

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