Wibo Koole

Associate - Netherlands

Wibo is a management consultant and leadership expert for innovation in complex systems, based on Theory U. He is one of the founders and directors of the Centre for Mindfulness in Amsterdam, where he teaches mindfulness programs for leaders and for corporations. His work focuses on strategy and innovation, change management and leadership development in a wide range of organizations, both corporate and social. He wrote two bestselling books on mindfulness in organisations.

His book Mindful Leadership. Tools to focus and succeed provides the first comprehensive framework for mindfulness-based leadership and teamwork.

Wibo’s work builds on his considerable experience in management himself, as campaign and strategy manager with the Dutch Consumer Association, as head of communications for Oxfam Novib and the mental health organization Emergis, and as general director of the Dutch Nature and Environment Foundation. He has inside knowledge of many economic sectors: telecommunications and internet technology, agro-production, health care, and banking and insurance; he has also worked with the government. He was also politically active as chairman of the PvdA (Dutch Labor Party) in Amsterdam.

He has been a mindfulness teacher since 2008. He regularly gives so-called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction basic program with open enrolment. In addition he developed the first mindfulness training programs for leaders (in 2009), in collaboration with his colleague and mindfulness trainer Rob Brandsma. Within the Center for Mindfulness, he leads the Mindfulness, management and leadership program.

Wibo graduated with honors in political science at the University of Amsterdam, and took the Advanced Management Program at the Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA). He also is a certified transformational coach.

He can be reached at: www.create2connect.nl and www.centrumvoormindfulness.nl