Marie McCormick

Associate - USA

Marie T. McCormick, MBA, Ph.D. is co-founder of Insyte Partners, a Theory U-based strategy and leadership consulting firm that works as trusted partners with leaders within and across sectors to address their most critical issues—creating new strategy, shifting culture, building collective impact coalitions, creating a future that is distinct from the past. The common denominator of Insyte’s work is in creating the conditions for the right answers to emerge from within, rather than imposing externally generated solutions.

Marie has led a successful Organization Development consulting practice for over 20 years. Her prior experience includes 12 years with Bell Atlantic, now Verizon. Her 10+ years in the corporate world in areas such as product management, operations and marketing bring a “business orientation” not often found in organization development professionals.  In addition to her Ph.D. in organizational development, she holds an MBA with a concentration in finance. She is a contributing author to the Flawless Consulting Fieldbook, Change Handbook, 2nd Edition and The Handbook of Large Scale Change, 2nd Edition. She developed the McCormick Employee Engagement Process to help organizations create more engaged and productive workplaces.

A sampling of engagements includes:  a strategic planning initiative for a large school district that engaged hundred of students, parents, faculty, administration and community members in together forming a shared agenda which included work around  “redefining success” and “revolutionary curriculum;” a collective impact initiative that was launched through the collaboration building a “platform for change” with public/private leaders in the state of Georgia followed by work launched from that platform to collectively achieve the goal of every child reading on grade level by 3rd grade in 2020; shifting the leadership practices and organizational culture of the US Peace Corps to modernize its operations and strengthen its approach to sexual assault prevention and response; and creating the change management framework to harmonize the compensation systems of Merck pharmaceuticals upon merging, impacting tens of thousands of employees.

Marie is an active member of the Presencing Institute.