Frans Ade Nugraha Sugiarta

Associate - Indonesia

Frans is the Education Academy Director of United in Diversity Forum, an Indonesian not for profit entity set up with the purpose of forging collaboration and learning amongst diverse leaders and sectors in Indonesia to build trust and promote socially responsible economic progress that focuses on innovations and sustainability. In the aftermath of the Asian Tsunami in late 2004, United in Diversity Forum has pioneered initiatives with local and international non-profit organizations in reaching out to the shattered communities in Aceh to help in logistics to remote regions, emergency relief, as well as rebuilding and reconstruction of the local communities. Frans led the team and served as liaison for the community, local government and contractors with donors and directing the allocation of resources to deliver the main mission i.e. to provide new homes and support the restorations of livelihood of the effected families in Aceh and Nias.

During the completion of the Tsunami projects in Aceh and Nias, Frans has also joined as a fellow in the ELIAS program (Emerging Leaders for Innovations Across Systems) that was facilitated by Dr Peter Senge and Dr Otto Scharmer. ELIAS program, co-founded jointly by global organizations such as BASF, BP, Nissan, Oxfam, UN Global Compact and many others, co-convened by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Presencing Institute, and the Society for Organizational Learning, is a cross-sector initiative that brings together high-potential leaders and international institutions to collectively generate new ideas, prototypes, and ventures that address the challenge of creating value for the economy, society, and the environment while advancing global sustainability.

Inspired by the ELIAS program, Frans has become one of the main co-designer of IDEAS (Innovative Dynamic Education and Actions for Sustainability) Indonesia program together with his colleague Dr Ben Chan, an adjunct professor of Singapore Management University Singapore, supported by Dr Peter Senge and Dr Otto Scharmer as mentors. IDEAS Indonesia launched its program in 2008 by engaging current and young Indonesian leaders from across sectors to collectively learn to find an innovative and sustainable solutions of Indonesian complex challenges. IDEAS Indonesia is now still continuing and it started giving impacts nations wide through the prototypes which developed collectively by the fellows. Frans and Dr Ben Chan are now leading the third batch of IDEAS fellows in their learning journey and IDEAS Indonesia is now becoming a highly demanded program by Indonesian leaders. In fact, IDEAS Indonesia inspired China to have a similar learning journey for their leaders as well. IDEAS China is now in preparation and it scheduled to be launched in mid 2012.

In addition serving as faculty member of IDEAS Indonesia program, Frans is also actively serving as consultant to many organizations in Indonesia and in the regions that focuses in creating the organizations collective intelligence capacity to address their complex challenges. Frans uses The U process and Organization Learning concept as the main underpinning theory and methodology in doing his works.