Liz Alperin Solms

Associate - USA

Liz Alperin Solms, MPA is co-founder of Insyte Partners, a Theory U-based strategy and leadership consulting firm that works as trusted partners with leaders within and across sectors to address their most critical issues—creating new strategy, shifting culture, building collective impact coalitions, creating a future that is distinct from the past. The common denominator of Insyte’s work is in creating the conditions for the right answers to emerge from within, rather than imposing externally generated solutions.

Liz has worked extensively in education, multi-stakeholder initiatives, in manufacturing, public sector work, in faith communities and a wide variety of nonprofit enterprises. A sampling of engagements includes: building a theory of change with public/private leaders in the state of Georgia around which hundreds of partners are systematically working toward the goal of every child reading on grade level by 3rd grade in 2020; creating a strategic vision/enactment for the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg as a premier affordable public university in a culturally vibrant waterfront town that is known for its dynamic research, strategic community and business partnerships and offering of real-life experiences for its students; shifting the leadership practices and organizational culture of the US Peace Corps to modernize its operations and strengthen its approach to sexual assault prevention and response; and creating the change management framework to harmonize the compensation systems of Merck pharmaceuticals upon merging, impacting tens of thousands of employees.

Liz holds a BS degree in industrial engineering from Lehigh University and an MPA in economic and workforce development from the Harvard Kennedy School. Prior to establishing her consulting practice, she worked as an industrial engineer in the food and apparel manufacturing industries, a Peace Corps volunteer in the South Pacific, a program officer for a national research and policy organization focusing on at-risk youth and a workforce learning consultant.

Liz is an active member of the Presencing Institute, focusing on translating theory to practice in organizational and collective impact contexts. She lives outside Philadelphia, PA.