Aggie Kalungu-Banda

Associate - Zambia and UK

Aggie is the Managing Partner of Beyond Business School Consulting and she also serves as an associate of the Presencing Institute. As an associate of the Presencing Institute, Aggie has had the opportunity to coordinate & co-facilitate learning programmes focused on bringing about profound change at personal and organisational levels. In the recent past she has designed and facilitated leadership and organization development programes for Nigeria’s agriculture sector, Civil Society Organisations in Ireland, Croydon Council in the UK, Royal Holloway University in London, the United Nations Environment Programme – Africa program, Zambia Institute of Human Resources, the National Health Service (NHS) UK and WWF- Africa.

Aggie is part of the Team that is woking on a programme aimed at transforming Africa’s future through providing a new kind of business education to emerging leaders, entrepreneurs and social change agents on the Continent. The programme will offer a new approach to enabling learners to access and actualize their potentials at individual and collective levels. The programme will be offered in partnership between the Presencing Institute and YMCA Africa.