Global Forum 2012

Speakers - Program - Labs - Venue


The 2012 Global Forum was designed to provide an inspirational learning environment for all participants, as well as an opportunity to connect with others who are working with similar social technologies on related issues. The whole event was conducted in a highly experimental style, allowing for individual and shared reflection time. Arawana Hayashi also led several embodiment and Social Presencing Theatre sessions with the entire Forum.


  • Setting the Field: Arawana Hayashi, Markus Stockhausen - Link
  • Gross National Happiness (GNH) - Tho Ha Vinh / Julia Kim - Link
  • The Society 4.0 Revolution: Otto Scharmer - Link
  • Reflective Remarks: Peter Senge - Link
  • Welcome Back: Julia Kim on Violin - Link
  • System Death and Rebirth - Link
  • Social Presencing Theater - Link
  • Society 4.0 Lab Sharing / Integration - Link
  • Landing Strips for the Future - Link


  • Presentation: Society 4.0, Otto Scharmer Download
  • Tool: Sculpting Process for Lab 1 Link
  • Tool: Prototyping Process for Lab 2 Link
  • Tool: Social Presencing Theater Link